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Platinum Cured Silicone

Designed to increase the productivity of the moulding operation.

The rapid reaction of the platinum catalyst means that thicker section parts can be cured in a faster time at the same moulding temperatures as the usual peroxide system. For thicker section parts these can be cured at lower temperatures without risk of "back-grinding" or "scorch" of the parts.

The platinum cure systems also produce no peroxide residues, which can cause mould fouling, thereby reducing down time. This cure system results in a material with good hot tear strength, which is useful for de-moulding parts with complex geometries and undercuts. Platinum cured materials are more sensitive to catalyst poisons than peroxides, but the Primasil technicians will offer guidance as to situations to avoid with these materials.

  • Durometer Hardness (Shore A) 20 – 70
  • Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 1.07 – 1.2
  • Tensile Strength (Mpa) 3 – 9
  • Elongation (%) 300 – 750
  • Tear Strength (N/mm) 10 - 40
  • Catalyst type Platinum
  • Compression Set % (22h @ 175°C) 10 – 30
  • Approvals FDA
  • Colours available: All


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