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Liquid Silicone Rubber - ideally suited to high volume fully automated production

LSR is typically supplied in two parts, one containing the platinum catalyst. As the material is pumped to the press these are automatically mixed with any colours and ingredients, producing a very homogeneous material that leads to consistency from part to part.


Automatically de-moulded directly into a box, the process leads to minimal waste which eliminates trimming operations and reduces material cost significantly. These savings become even more

Bespoke steel tooling is essential, and our development team works closely with specialist tool makers to ensure we achieve the optimum tooling solution using the latest CAD technology. The combination of a very small number of specialist toolmakers and the precision required, results in high tool costs. apparent for high volume jobs and for components demanding high precision.

This is offset by the very low cycle times that can be achieved, coupled with excellent quality and high volumes.

 Our LSR Data Sheets


Silicone moulded