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Formulated to meet your exact requirements

Materials that were a “best fit” were not good enough for us. We needed silicone rubber formulated to our exact requirements and there was no supplier willing to do this. That was in 1978. Primasil are now the European experts in silicone material formulation mixing thousands of tonnes every year!

Of course, your requirements will not only be determined by the product characteristics - you may need specific approvals. We can supply material to meet specific approvals, and already have formulations which satisfy most global requirements.

Silicone rubber can be formulated to suit specific application needs. There are many options such as:






  • General purpose silicone - ideal for customers who need the technical advantages of silicone, but do not demand specific performance criteria

  • Platinum cured materials - designed to increase the productivity of the moulding operation

  • High strength silicone - designed to have a significantly higher elongation and tear strength than general purpose silicone

  • Conductive silicone - using specific fillers for a material with volume resistivity as low as 003 ohmcm-1

  • High temperature rubber - an increasing number of products demand reliable operation in challenging environments - withstanding temperatures of up to 300°C for periods of up to 3 weeks

  • Low temperature silicone - using phenyl-based material to prevent silicone stiffening and becoming 'glass-like'

  • Fluorosilicone rubber - a material that has significantly greater chemical resistance than silicone

  • Non-post cure silicone - intended to minimise the cost involved in the processing of silicone products

  • Wire and cable silicone - grades that are suitable for applications requiring enhanced electrical performance

  • Insulating silicone - grades that are suitable for applications requiring electrical insulation

  • Low smoke and toxicity - the Rail and Mass Transportation sector demands materials that are self-extinguishing and do no give off harmful gases when ignited

  • Anti microbial silicone - the Food and Healthcare industries demand materials that can eliminate these dangers to provide a safe environment 

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