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Automotive Silicone Materials

Primasil's Autosil range of high consistency silicones will withstand harsh operating conditions in various automotive systems and components, and can be tailored to exactly match your requirements. We offer these and other rubbers for supply direct to your own manufacturing process, or we can make the components for you, on our own premises.

Six Autosil ranges that are specifically designed for the automotive sector:


A range of ‘general purpose’ automotive high consistency silicone rubbers, with good all-round performance. Ideal for applications such as exhaust pipe hangers, hoses, wiper blades, airbags, spark plug boots, covers, CVJ boots, bellows, connector seals and gaskets.


High-strength with outstanding tear resistance properties. Ideal for exhaust pipe hangers, hoses, spark plug boots, vibration dampers, engine mounts.


Low compression-set high consistency silicone rubbers, for applications requiring high elasticity and/or excellent sealing characteristics. Used for applications such as seals, o-rings, oil filter gaskets and manifold gaskets.


Higher temperature resistance than Autosil 1, 2, & 3.


Fluoro-silicone rubbers, ideal for applications requiring improved oil and chemical resistance and good ageing in hot fuel vapours. Essential for applications that need outstanding resistance to chemicals, many kinds of solvents, lubricants, petrols, engine oils, ATF fluids and other aggressive fluids or greases which have an un-polar chemical nature.


Liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) encompass many specialist grades, such as oil bleeding for lubrication; low coefficient of friction for decreased wear; antistatic grades; self-adhesive grades for bonding; and high purity fuel cell grades. All of the liquid silicone rubber grades have very short cure times and are therefore particularly suitable for the economical production of high volume parts.