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Meeting your product requirements within budget

Our first priority is developing a material that can meet the demands of your product. Because we develop and mix our materials on site, we can repeatedly modify the formulation in a very short timeframe. This gives us an important competitive advantage over suppliers that rely on external suppliers of raw materials – the optimum formulation may take up to twenty attempts, and we do not pass these costs onto the customer!

Next, we must develop a manufacturing process that can satisfy the forecasted volumes at the required quality, but remain within your tooling budget. The chances are that we have manufactured a product similar to yours in the past, and so have real world experience to hand. This reduces the possibilities of costly re-tooling and ensures minimum time to production.

It is pointless developing a manufacturing process with an inadequate yield of good product. We make sure that we design quality aspects into the product at the earliest possible opportunity, this ensures we can quote a price with the confidence that our scrap levels will be within our limits.