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What is Silicone Extrusion?

Silicone extrusion is the process whereby silicone is forced through a shaped die (a stainless steel disc with a pattern cut out) to produce cords, complex profiles and cross-sections. 

Silicone extrusions typically show a huge improvement over other materials – they last longer, come in a multitude of colours, and stand up to a wider variety of environmental conditions. We can produce simple extrusions, or make custom sizes with complex cross-sections. These can be multi-layered to produce a product with multiple performance properties and can also be manufactured in an ISO 7 cleanroom.

During the manufacturing process, silicone extrusions are prone to shrinkage. This can result in an unreliable product that does not meet the specified tolerances. Unfortunately, the extent of the shrinkage is rarely known beforehand. This can lead to a large amount of tool wastage.

Only by experiencing tens of thousands of different extruded profiles can suitable tooling be produced. At Primasil, we have over 30 years of designing tooling for silicone extrusions, with a very high success rate! In fact, we will guarantee that we can design the correct tooling first time. If we don’t, we will continue until we get it right – at our expense!

Silicone Rubber Profiles